I Have Rosacea and Went to Get a Photofacial & Microdermabrasion (30 Y/o Male)

I purchased a package of 5 photofacials and 5...

I purchased a package of 5 photofacials and 5 microdermabrasions. I am a male age 30 with rosacea.

i did it to treat rosacea, i wanted to get rid of rosacea acne as well as minimize blushing. I cant work like this so not sure if it is worth it at this point.

After the dermabrasion my face puffed up and was very red, two weeks later I went in for the photofacial. That was thursday and now it is sunday, my face is a type of red ive yet to experience. It feel tight and sunburnt. Im hesitant to go back for more treatments, how long until my skin repairs itself?

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Never use microderm as a treatment options for rosacea. I always use sensitive skin care products on my clients with rosacea. Microderm can be harmful when used on someone with rosacea. As an Esthetician I would have never offered microderm as a treatment option. Sorry you had to experience that.
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you should never ever do microderm if you have rosacea,it can lead to severe irritation and broken blood vessels. photofacials are great to treat rosacea but not with microdermabrasion.
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