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I am a light-skinned Asian female. I had very nice...

I am a light-skinned Asian female. I had very nice experience with my IPL provider. After inital consultation, she understood my concerns of the long-term, permanent side effects from IPL gone-wrong. She gave me 2 times of "test spot" with 7 day of interval. I just had my first IPL done yesterday. Thanks to 2 test spots, my provider would be able to find the right settings for me.

The moment when I walked out the medical spa, I saw a "coffee-ground" like substance form where the sun spots once were. It seems like it's working. I am Still waiting for hyperpigment to flake off, and would highly recommend my provider to anyone who is looking for IPL treatment.

Is it necessary for me to get a microdermabrasion...

Is it necessary for me to get a microdermabrasion after IPL? Some providers do perform a silk peel/microdermabration right before the IPL treatment on the same day.  What is the purpose of microdermabrasion for IPL? Is microdermabrasion help IPL treatment get better result? Should I get microdermabrasion before or after IPL treatment? Please advise. Thanks.

Hi, I am in Irvine. How did your results turn out? Can you tell me the name/phone number of your IPL provider? Thank You!
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