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Sculptra Nodules Under my Eyes for Two Years

I did it because i was scared of botox and the...

i did it because i was scared of botox and the doctor told me that this product produces colegan off of my own body. now 2 years later i'm depressed, miserable, and frustrated. someone please help.

i need help i have had sculptra noduls for two years i have tried everything to remove my sculptra noduls under my eye and they will not go away.
San Antonio Dermatologic Surgeon

she decieved me into thinking this product was safe. she obviosly wasn't experienced in it.

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Sharon, What is under my skin, on the nerve endings, visiable in the peri orbital area, on the nerve endings in my lower mouth and jaw, I assure you isn't a lump or bump. Stop. Even though it pays well I am sure.
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Hi Cassie,

I'm so sorry to hear about the problems you're having. Here are some related Doctor Q&A threads that might help:

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