I LOVE Restylane (Laugh Lines, Lips, Under Eyes)

I have had restylane injections in my laugh lines,...

I have had restylane injections in my laugh lines, in my lips and also under my eyes and LOVE the results!! I will contiune getting the injections every 6 months. People have told me that I look very refreshed and 10 years younger. I love this product.

Although I do recomend that you do research to find out who the best Dr. is in your home town. I am sure if they do not know what they are doing then the results can be awful. I was also frozen therefore felt no pain. I had a local.

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Hi,if you don't mind, Could you tell me where you got the injection cause I'm looking for the same procedure as yours. Thanks
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try evolence, it lasts 12 months
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