I Had Fat Transfer to my Butt to Fill It out

Pros I now have a Butt.. ..Cons I really dnt like...

Pros I now have a Butt.. ..

Cons I really dnt like it.. just the shape of it.. the fat hasnt gone to the right places..

I did it just to bost up my confidence., and I just really wanted a butt

I Had fat transfer to my butt..my but is pretty big now but it hasnt filled out the right places..now my question is .. Is the fat going to fix it self to the right place? and Is the fat going to go down to my legs? how does it work? btw I had surgery like around 1yr 8 mo
Hi I had fat added to my butt as well august of 2010. I'm not completely happy with my results. Just like you the fat on my butt didn't adjust well. Particularly on the my right but cheek. I have a dent there. The fat has not moved. I will have to get the procedure revised because I have that dent due to my plastic surgeon. He wasn't that good.
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He did an ok job.

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