Hyaluronadase Treatment to Remove Fillers and Left with Eye Bags and Now Indent in Cheek

I had Juvederm cheek filler as with my age my...

I had Juvederm cheek filler as with my age my cheek bones were no longer pronounced but I now feel the filler was a bad idea as my cheek bones were not originally where filler injected. Also botox around my eyes have just resulted in drooping upper eyelid and due to allergic reaction large undereye bags and an indent on my right cheek where the injection to remove the filler was inserted.

I had Juvederm filler in my cheeks and also botox round my eyes. The fillers gave me puffy lumps which looked like bags and the botox left me with under eyelid bags. I was given infections to remove the Juvederm but was told I had had an allergic reaction to the botox but would have to wait this out. The injections to remove the Juvederm was given over a month ago and I still have both effects under my eyes, but I have now noticed an indent on one side of my face just beside these injections were given.As I am 62 does this mean my own bodies hyaluronic acid will now not return due to my age and will the eye bags condition remain. I am so sorry I had this treatment as I did not have any bags under my eyes or indents in fact I would say my face as actually aged more since treatment.


I would suggest that the puffy eye bags you got from botox are not from an 'allergic reaction' to botox - they are from the doctor's error in injecting too much botox around your eyes or botox in the wrong places around your eyes. Botox around the eyes (especially directly under the lower lashes) can cause the muscles under your eyes to become overly-weakened which enables the fat pads to 'pseudo-herniate'. This means that the fat pads normally held back by a strong muscle bulges forward creating an eyebag. It happened to me. The 'allergy' to botox claim is just a story from your doctor to cover up for his/her mistake. On the hyaluronidase, I agree it causes damage to natural tissue. See my review and my comments on the other reviews. Any improvement since your review?
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Have you seen any improvement in the indent? I have the same problem and it's been 3 mos since the injection with no improvement. I can't believe doctors don't list this as a risk - it seems to happen to a decent number of people.
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