How to Fix Indentation Caused by Liposuction?

I had liposuction last year that left me with a...

I had liposuction last year that left me with a damaged thigh.. the indentation is soo deep that you could actually see it over my clothes.

I still have a pouch and loose skin in the abdomen area. Even after the lipo, my tummy never looked flat (it's kinda divided into two bulges).

Anyways, my biggest concern is the thigh right now...I can bare the fat roles of my tummy bu its hard for me to see the discoloration and indentation of my thigh. Is it reversable? How can I fix it? I am 29 yrs old.

How to fix indentation caused by liposuction?
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When you put your trust in someone about something that is so important to you...I recommend finding someone who would make you feel that it is equally as important for him/her too.

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Thank you so much for replying, :)that's exactly what I am going to do...not so soon though. After the trauma of lipo, i's gonna taake me some time to undergo another procedure.
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Id like to suggest the following, based on my own intimate experience of f***ed up liposuction. Get the indentation fixed with fat grafting. The fat could be harvested from your abdomen. Please do not undergo further liposuction to your thighs and if you were not considering this anyhow dont let anyone talk you into it. Learn from those who have been where you are. Get a surgeon who specialises in correction of liposuction deformities. Sydney Coleman is famous for this or find someone proficient in his technique. Whoever you choose to consult, should you for a single moment feel uneasy, walk away.
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I want to suggest the following based on my own intimate experience of f***ed up liposuction. Your indentation could be fixed by fat grafting. Possibly using fat harvested from your abdomen. I would never recommend further liposuction to your thighs so please be warned by the experience of others and if you werent thinking of this anyhow, dont let anyone talk you into it. Find the right surgeon, if not Sydney Coleman then someone known to be as proficient. Get lots of information about your potential surgeon and if for a single moment when you meet them, you get an uneasy feeling, walk away.
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Hi Lux, Sorry to hear about your experience. Thank you for posting info. I wanted to find out more about your fat grafting experience - I think that I may need to undergo some myself. My areas are on the backs of my thighs, completely dented and dimpled. Someone said velasmooth is very helpful, but, it seems that fat grafting is a more permanent solution to dents. I don't need to be perfect, just not mostly dented. Let me know.
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Here's a related Doctor Q&A page that might help: Lumps and indentation after Liposuction
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