Minor Slimming & Tip Elevation - Experience Has Not Gone Well

My rhinoplasty experience has not gone well. It...

My rhinoplasty experience has not gone well. It was supposed to be a minor slimming and elevation of tip. Dr. scooped out bridge, made width of bridge very slim and I have what looks like scooped out trenches on either side of nose.

It has been almost six weeks and I still do not like to leave the house. I had thought I was on the same page with the Dr, but apparently not. My nostrils are showing so much you can see the blacks of the insides from straight on. From the sides I look like a drug addict because the nostrils are red and irritated.

Everything about this work is bad, not just one part... i.e. scooped bridge, almost no bridge left, too skinny, collapsed sides, upturned nose, notrils showing, nose too small for face. So sad!

How soon after Rhinoplasty can you have fillers for the indentations/divots in the sides of the bridge?


hi can you tell me who your Dr. was? I am researching doctors in the dallas area for a rhinoplasty myself. Thanks!
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hi sarah, do not think that fillers can be used if you are planning for a revision as it might stress the nose. Not sure about it but red it somewhere so do not rely on my opinion. Have similar problem you have, nose seems to be short, bridge bone has been brought inside but other results look ok..Try to cope with life as a simply nose can put you being too conscious about it. Just wait as results might get better, even psychologicaly dedicating time will put yr brain more focused on yr wishes as you will be more focused on it. Hope this helps
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Hey there so sorry your upset with your nose :( who was your Dr. I was thinking about finding a surgeon in texas and would like to avoid anybody whos had a bad experience.
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Name not provided

His sketches and photoshopped pictures are nothing like the result.

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