500cc Silicone Under Muscle Implants - Should I Worry About Sagging?

I'm 5'2", I was a 32C, and I got...

I'm 5'2", I was a 32C, and I got 500cc silicone, high profile, under the muscle implants last May, no lift needed. I couldn’t hold a pencil under either breast. I'm basically happy with the results, although if I had it to do over again I'd go smaller.

I'm continually reading warnings on this site about problems down the road with large implants, such as thinning of breast tissue and sagging. How many years is “down the road?” Is the damage inevitable, or can anything be done to prevent or minimize the likelihood of this happening?

FYI, I'm 63 years old, so maybe I won’t live long enough to experience these problems!

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i am thinking about getting implants im 5'4 130 pounds and have the breast size of b32 i want an c cup. i was thinking about getting Silicone Under Muscle Implants. would anything go wrong and if something goes wrong do i have to pay to get it all fixed?
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It's pretty routine surgery but if something was the surgeon's fault I'd think he'd be responsible to fix it. If you simply change your mind and want a different size implant, then you'd probably have to pay for the second operation, although you might get a discount. I was dissatisfied with a mini-tummy-tuck and was offered a full tuck at a discount. Haven't done it yet.
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I was wondering who your surgeon was if you're comfortable sharing?
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Mark Davenport. He has a top notch reputation and did an excellent job. A year out I have no complaints other than wishing I'd chosen something a little smaller, but that was my own doing(with a little encouragement from my husband who thinks the size is prfect)! I wouldn't want to imply in any way that I was dissatisfied with the surgeon.

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