Inscion Not Healing (32 Years Old, 3 Kids) - Houston, TX

After having three kids I'm 32 years old I...

After having three kids I'm 32 years old I though it was time for it to be about me and I love the results but can't enjoy it due to healing issues.

I had a tummy tuck 9/22/09. Three weeks after my surgery my inscion reopend 4 in and it was deep. My docter closed it and explained that the fluid could have caused it to open but never could give me answers. it's been two going on three weeks since he closed it and it's starting to open again. Is this normal? How long does it take to heal?

Overall it was worth it. I think that if I would...

Overall it was worth it. I think that if I would have taken care of myself a little better and have chosen a better doctor I would do it again. It took a total of 6 months for me to heal 100%.

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I am thinking about getting a tt & lipo suction and am looking for a doctor in houston b/c i live in beaumont. If you could let me know your doctors name so that I won't go to him it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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There are many reasons for delayed healing. if the wound is not healing in the midline and the skin has died then it needs cleaning and let it heal by itself. it takes about six weeks to heal. six months later you can revise the scar. Other causes of delayed healing is medications, sternous activity, too tight of a closure
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