Went from a Small B to a Small D - 350 CC's - 11 Weeks out and Still Uncomfortable!

I had breast augmentation on Sept. 3rd - it is now...

I had breast augmentation on Sept. 3rd - it is now Nov 19th and I am still experiencing pain on the sides of both breasts, discomfort in all clothing/bras. I thought by now I could go w/o a bra!

My doctor and team are wonderful. I have struggled with self body image issues for years and was wanting to have this done for many years.

By the way - I went from a small B to a small D - 350 CC's

When can I expect to feel "normal" again?
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Very attentive staff - so accomodating!

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Did you ever start to feel normal again?
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i had surgery 2 years ago 500 saline and had no pain after about the first week, a friend of mine got almost the same volume and had pain for quite a while, may just depend on your bodys tolerance. im no doctor, but its still early, if its unbearable i would be front row in the office though...
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Some times breast pain after augmentation may persist a little longer than usual. If by three months there is no improvement, I suggest you need a full work up, exam , ultrasound, MRI
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I just had mine done 3 weeks ago and am experiencing the pain on the side thing too. I'm hoping to use your question to help with mine. Thank you!! I got 270cc filled to 300cc and I'm not sure what bra size I'll be yet, but I'm hoping for a full B or small C. I hope you get some answers. Good luck!
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