Evolence for Dark Eye Bags

I am disgusted that I had the injection of...

I am disgusted that I had the injection of evolence. Two lumps later, 18 months and counting. The lumps are noticeable and worse than having the dark bags.

Is there any hope of removing lumps caused by evolence? The two lumps are under my right eye for 18 months now. If it was removed surgically, does it leave a scar? Can a minimal incision be used to remove the material? How much does it cost to remove the lumps?


So the Dr.'s say the fillers desolve after a certain amount of time but what they don't know is it leaves empty sacs where the filler was put in! You go back to them and they say oh NO it's gone and desolved by now and your like well what about these sacs it left???? They really don't have an answer and act like it's what you had before! Totally wrong! They need to do more research on this. Don't get any fillers under your eyes Ladies it's not worth it!
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Evolence should never be used in the tear trough area. It could however last 18 mos in that area of your face because there isn't much movement there.
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I hope the lumps disappear and show no sign of the product. Time will only tell.
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Claimed to be experienced, but them tried to act like I had the lump before the procedure.

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