Happy with Septorhinoplasty, Still Have Sinus Pressure

Had septo/rhinoplasty one week ago to improve...

Had septo/rhinoplasty one week ago to improve breathing and to straighten a once broken nose.

Love the results so far! Not very painful, sinus headaches are the worst part.

I had a septo/rhinoplasty one week ago and had my cast removed today (it looks great and I can breath!). I am still having some sinus pressure and was wondering if it was ok to continue to ice my eyes, cheeks, forehead periodically for relief? Will this delay healing?


What is the name of your surgeon? Im looking for a surgeon for my rhinoplasty in TN...
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Surgeon was Dr. Mark Clymer. Great Staff!!
It would be great if you could provide your surgeons name for those of us who are researching getting rhinoplasty in the nashville area. thanks!
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