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Happy with Invisalign for Now!

I never had braces as a child and I chose at 21 to...

I never had braces as a child and I chose at 21 to get invisalign. My insurance did not cover it so I payed a little over 5000 to get it.

I am now on tray 13 of 23, BUT this is my refinement trays, I previously had 23 trays and my doctor and I both were not happy with the results. I am worried because my doctor told me I did not have to wear them for 2 weeks and I could change them sooner because I was very adamant about wearing them all the time (seeing as I paid for them and all!) For now I am happy with the results and cannot wait until it is OVER and i have straight teeth!

I am wondering if it is absolutely necessary to wear the retainers for 2 weeks, sometimes i change them in 10-12 days because they fit well. What happens when you change them too quickly and move on?

Dr. Gingsberg

He is a premier provider and is really knowledgeable

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My dentist recommended against it. She said your cells need the time to breakdown and rebuild around your teeth/roots to firmly and correctly establish themselves.
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