Hair Transplant Done in - New York, NY

Pros: Permanent hair replacement, you can comb...

Pros: Permanent hair replacement, you can comb thru and not obviously fake unlike wigs.

Cons: Very expensive,the pricing was like $4/single root. Hair density is not the same as natural normal non balding hair density. But you can always go back to your surgeon and have more sessions to achieve good hair volume, but this always depends on the number or how big is your donor area (this is the back side of ur scalp).

I did it because I dont want to see myself so self conscious of getting bald.


hey looking to have a procedure like yours done is it worth it and is the guy legit???? feedback would be appreciated thank you..
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The work looks very good for a good price overall, what was the Doctors name.
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Robert True

This clinic I found by accidental, they do not advertise thats why their surgery price is cheaper than other Doctors like Bosley.

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