Good Results but Experiencing Morning Fluid Retention from Restylane & Juvederm

I get these fillers injected into my cheeks, under...

I get these fillers injected into my cheeks, under eye area, temples, brow and nasolabial folds.

The pros of dermal fillers for enhancing volume in the face include looking healthy, vibrant and more rested. I'm too young for a facelift, so these are a good option.

Restylane works well around the eyes for hollowness. You can also dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers, which is good if you experience lumps of overfill. The cons include bruising and swelling after the treatment for 2 weeks. Also I experience profound fluid retention in my face from these fillers, which is present when I wake up and slowly subsides throughout the day.

Another major con is the cost. It adds up to $3500 per year for me to maintain dermal fillers, whereas fat transfer in the right hands can be permanent and usually costs between $7000 - $9000.

Has anyone experienced fluid retention from dermal fillers (Restylane & Juvederm)? I never woke up bloated before I had fillers done. Now I wake up everyday with a VERY puffy and distorted face. This subsides slowly over the day. By evening, I look normal and the fillers look great! I am concerned that this regular bloating effect is stretching my skin. Not to mention that I look bee-stung for half of the day. Please share your experiences. Thank you.


can you tell us who your provider is? i'm looking for someone that specializes in the eye area. thank you
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Juvederm and restylane work by attracting water, so that effect will be exaggerated in the morning, when the face tends to be puffy anyway. Do what you would normally do to avoid fluid retention - cut back on salt, don't eat 3 hours before bedtime, avoid alcohol, sleep with your head slightly elevated; stay hydrated, but don't drink excessive amounts of water or other fluid during the day.
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Thanks for the helpful hints. I've had some of it dissolved (the Juvederm in my cheeks, where the result seemed distorted, especially when smiling), but I still have some left in the eyelid and nasolabial area. I'll try to follow your good advice. Thanks!
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My provider is qualified in Facial Plastic Surgery and Oculoplastic Surgery. He has been doing fillers and fat transfer around the eyes for years and is very good at it. I choose to see someone with an eyelid surgery specialty because I get a lot of filler injected around the eyes. He is also very thorough, caring and explains everything in clear detail. Plus, his injections are virtually pain-free.

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