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I had a 30% glycolic peel (3 passes) done by an RN...

I had a 30% glycolic peel (3 passes) done by an RN. 48 hours after the peel my faced became very swollen and the skin turned a yellowish (pus looking) and began to ooze.

The swelling is gone and most of the yellowish pus looking area has gone but now I see a somewhat wavy, bumpy reddish skin. It has now been 2 weeks.

Has anyone had this problem? Does the skin smooth out eventually or will I need to seek a dermatologist? Is what happened to me common with a 30% (3 pass) glycolic peel?


I am am Esthetician and your skin should not have had this reaction. Glycolic peels are considered a light peel and they should only cause mild dryness or flaking if that. If it was a moistened towelette there should have only been ONE pass and only left on for 1-5 minutes depending on your tolerence. same thing if it was brushed on your face. Also if you were using any retin a or alpha hydroxy acids, or anything that causes peeling, on a regular basis you should not do any peel before stopping the retin a a few days beforehand.
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I really appreciate your input and my dermatologist completely agrees with what you say. The one thing that she did is rub it in (rather aggressively) with a gauze pad or at least I think it was a gauze pad. I had been using Obagi products (with Retin A) (my esthetician was aware of that) but stopped that a week prior to the procedure. The good news is that after 6 weeks I am seeing some improvement. My dermatologist thinks everything will return to normal but that it will take time. I asked him if he was considering it a 'burn' or an 'irritation'. He says it is severe contact dermatitis therefore feels the skin was severely irritated rather than burned. Again, I want to that you and the others who have helped me through this. You all are great!
Well, this looks like you got burned. First of all, if it was a towelette moistened with the acid she should have only did one pass! The time to leave it on is only 1-5 minutes depending your tolerence. If it was brushed on it was either put on too thick or left on too long, or never taken off. Your skin should NOT gotten that reaction, glyvolic is considered a light peel and should only cause very mild dryness or flaking.
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I was told ALL I experience is mild peeling...more of a shedding.

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