No Reaction to At-home 50% Glycolic Peel - Champaign, IL

Hello. Last night I performed my first chemical...

Hello. Last night I performed my first chemical peel, an at-home 50% glycolic peel. I followed instructions and left it on my skin for approximately 1 minute. The next day my skin has shown no reaction at all.

Haven't seen results yet but I think it will perform well when I determine what level to use. I am posting this because the website won't allow me to post without input in this area and I'm not sure where else to post it.

I am wondering, how soon can I repeat the procedure and how long should I leave it on to see results?

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This was an at-home peel kit

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I purchased my 50% glycolic peel from natural skin care.I did my first home trial on thursday, it stung a little but nothing happened. I did again the next day, also, nothing took place. My face is just shining. I am going to buy the TCA which is a stronger peel. Please let me know what you think. Thanks
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I and fair-skinned and have had 2 peels. Both times it was done in a medical facility with an esthetician with 25 years of experience. When I had the first one about 4 ago, she used a 30% solution with good results. The second time she used a 40%. Both times it was left on for 4 hours. She told me to rinse it off when I got home with cool water and just use moisturizer and sunscreen for two weeks but to use sunscreen always even after the procedure did its job. I sweated like crazy for about 3 days, and my glasses kept sliding down my nose. Yes, it burned like nobody's business for those 3 days like a bad sunburn then gradually the burning sensation went away. It was very red for probably a week. The ugly peeling started after about 3 days and was pretty unsightly. She told me not to pull on the skin as that could cause problems and to let it just slough off on its own. After about 2 weeks, I looked normal again. I am VERY happy with the results. People have commented on how fresh I look, how wonderful my skin looks. Most didn't know I had the procedure. I don't agree with some who say that it looks like a baby's bottom. It got rid of most of the sun damage and fine lines. I think probably it depends on who does it and where you have it done. I would always do it in a medical facility with someone who has had a lot of experience. Not sure how it works on darker skin though, just on my light skin.
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I forgot to say that I am over 50. Not sure how the at-home peels work but knowing how much it burned I would be apprehensive of doing sometime like I did on my own.
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I too have done at home peels with no results. I have tried 2-3 different brands and even gone to a "medical spa" and after giving them $125 looked no different than before. The only thing that worked for me was using the 50% glycolic peel, leaving it on for 2 hours before rinsing and repeating this 3 days in a row. The 4th day I finally had some minor peeling, but nothing significant. It took a thin layer off, but I wouldn't say my scars look significantly better. Some people must be immune to the ingredients.
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I'm not sure how soon you can use the product again as you did not provide any details, especially the product name. Can you disclose that bit of info? Thanks:)
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I just performed my first chemical peel too... at home 30% glycolic peel for 90 sec. bought it off of ebay. I have some results so far it seems to be working, my face did sting, frost a little, slightly smelled like skin burning, turned white and then turned pink, now it is tight and feels like a sunburn, I put Vaseline on it and seems to be fine so far so good just a little pink. From what I have read I think this is normal results and is working accordingly. Not sure if my face will peel with 30%, some say yes and some say no, so we shell see, If not, I will move up to the next dose in two weeks. Maybe your bottle was not what it was suppose to be, 50% should of gave you something to go by. you didn't feel it sting or burn? because that you should of felt.
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