Lip Enhancement Not Lasting Long

My experience was very good...I was really nervous...

My experience was very good...I was really nervous because I have a fear of needles, but the doctor was very patient with me and made sure I was doing fine before continuing the process. The dental block made it a pain free experience except for the bottom lip which was a little more sensitive. When my procedure was over I was very happy with my lips. The only thing i didnt like about the experience was the fact that my face was numb for a while and took a week for the swelling on my face to go down.

lip enhancement has been something I have always wanted to do. I have spent so much money on every type of lip enhancement gloss and creams and nothing worked so finally got the courage to do this and i cant believe it has almost dissolved completely in one month!

I had restylane injected into my lips a month ago and my lips are not big anymore i dont know why. it looks like i didnt even do anything. It was suppose to last 6 months to 12 months and barely lasted 1 month.
Hi this is happening to me too I think! I spent 840$ on Thursday the 10th today is the 12th and I loved them yesterday! About 24 hours afterwards. But now they are smaller. And I'm worried in a week it won't even be noticed??? We need to think of something that last a lot longer then this.
Often the trauma of injecting the filler will make the lips look very full for a few days. Many of the temporary fillers that are now popular can be absorbed by the body within 4-6 weeks. In a certain individual one injectible substance may work better than another. I prefer surgical augmentation of the lips, however the long term results of some of the substances we use to fill the lips, such as fat, dermis or fascia can diminish with time.
Thank you for your reply! I figured that its different with each person. How is the surgical procedure as far as pain and how much it costs?
Dr. Oshin Bojalian

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