Lazer Bariatric Bypass - Scared Because my Weight is Going Back Up After 7 Years

Pros: I have been thin the last 7 yrs...Why: I...

Pros: I have been thin the last 7 yrs...

Why: I was major obese

Treatment: Lazer Bariatric Bypass.... Do not regret one day, yet do not want to gain weight back nor do I want to re do the surgery !

I had Lazer Bariatric Bypass 7 yrs plus ago. Doing fine, yet was a size 2/ size 10 and creeping. I do not eat much ever. My nails do not grow. No, I do not take vitamins regular. But, wonder, will my wait just climax again?


First of all, congratulations on your weight loss. Gastric bypass is not an easy procedure and good for you for getting it done.

Two things:

1 - Has your diet and/or activity level changed? Even with a gastric bypass, it's possible to eat more calories than you can burn off.

2 - Have you had your thyroid tested recently? An underactive thyroid can contribute to weight gain.

Here's a related Doctor Q&A page that might also help: Weight gain after Bariatric Surgery

Good luck!

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Dr. Schroder, Richmond, VA


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