Fraxel Repair for Lines, Skin Texture,some Acne Scarring, and Tightening Effects - Georgia

Had fraxel repair for lines, skin texture,some...

Had fraxel repair for lines, skin texture,some acne scarring, and tightening effects. I was especially hoping to have the smoker's lines around my upper lip improved and upper eyelids to tighten.

I am not sure yet if I will get what I hoped for in respect to the lip and eyelids. I am anxious for the total results.

If I am still seeing some lines around my upper lip does it mean that they will probably not go away with the fraxel repair or do I need to wait longer to see? Will my eyelids tighten more as time progresses?


You're so right, when you're swollen, everything looks smoothed out. I'm about to head for a post-op appt. now, will decide if I want the re-pair done on the rest of my face or a few more re-stores or just keep the money in my pocket!?
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Booklady, how well satisfied with the results as far as smoothing out your acne scarring? I live in Ga too, already had 3 re-stores, over 8months ago, skin appeared to look more scarred then it did prior to the re-store, recently had the re-pair done on forehead only, hoping for better results and trying to decide on whether I want to continue with the re-pair for rest of my face or go with collagen injections?
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My acne scarring is not that bad, but it helped. I will say that now five months out, I don't think my results are as good as I had hoped. I am disappointed. I think I thought things were better in the beginning because the swelling made it all smoother. Good luck
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