2 Fraxel Repairs - Unsure of Results with Different Lighting

I've had 2 fraxel repairs done and when I look...

I've had 2 fraxel repairs done and when I look into a mirror in normal lighting all I see is a few large pores (my doc says the same thing), but when I held a flashlight over my face in the dark looking at a mirror, I saw a bunch of things on my face I've never seen before even the areas on my face I consider to be scar free I saw black holes. The area that has a few tiny acne scars / large pores looks like a depression.

Need advice


Unless you plan to sit around a campfire telling ghost stories with a flashlight to your face on a regular basis, I really think you have nothing to worry about. Although, I am curious about why you had 2 fraxel repair treatments. Usually doctors only recommend one because it's a pretty strong laser... are you sure it wasn't the fraxel restore that you had?

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