Fraxel Repair Side Effects

I had Fraxel Repair yesterday on my face. I am 40...

I had Fraxel Repair yesterday on my face. I am 40 and had the laser to diminish fine lines and sun spots from many years of sun abuse as a naive teenager.

I had 2 Vicodan and 1 Valium prior to the procedure, as well as numbing cream on my entire face and the top of my neck. My MD also administered a dental block prior to the procedure. It was very painful...almost to the point that I wanted to tell her to stop about halfway through.

I had a lot of swelling today (the day after) and my eyes were almost swollen shut. I am not having any weepy skin, but my skin feels like sandpaper and it feels like millions of fine grains of sand are all over.


Hi, I have had two procedures, out of three. The goal is to smooth out chicken-pox scarring (adult onset). I did not experiece swelling around my eyes (though saw two other patients with extreme swelling), but the rest of the experience is similar to yours. The first treatment turned out to be more traumatic, with a lot of scabs, swelling, etc, and the redness persisted about 4 weeks; I was a hermit for about three weeks, as my face looked really red. My doc didn't use a numbing cream, instead he injected various areas of the face, neck and chest with anesthetic, and gave me a calming sedative. I fell asleep and didn't feel a thing. My only complaint is that my doctor didn't alert me as to what I was going to look like post-op and I was shocked (so were others!)... it looked bad. But, after seeing other patients on my follow-up visit, it seems normal. About five weeks later, I had the second treatment, and it seems my skin responded better, and the healing was faster. After one week, my face looked red, but without swelling. I am on week four now,since the 2nd treatment, and now I only have a "sun kissed" look, which to be frank, looks pretty, but that will go away, too. Seems the skin is better equipped to handle the on-slaught better on subsequent treatments. So far, I think the results are positive!
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so the results were overall positive? Can you provide the name of the doctor? Thank you!
All normal. Didn't ur md prepare u for this?
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Name not provided

Can't tell yet....too soon to know

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