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It was very painful. I did it to help minimize...

It was very painful. I did it to help minimize the wrinkles around my eyes, cheeks and around my mouth.

I am in my late mid 40s. I was hoping to have this procedure lessen the need for a facelift in the future, which is what the marketing material suggested.

I had the procudue done at the first part of the year and now almost 6 months later, I have rough dry areas that are not reacting to any hydration at all. The areas are forming lines that I never had before. I am so sad that I decided to do this with the money I had saved. I should have waited until more "real" results were available.


I am so sorry! Did you know her personally? Wasn't she pretty young?
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Yes, she was very young, very beautiful and extremely brave.
Wanted to let you know that Angie Walker (awalk on realself), who has helped so many people through fraxel disasters, passed away Friday night from a brain aneurism. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
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Name not provided

Went to the docter with the problems I was experiencing post procedure and more products and procedures were recommeded (ie. more money)

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