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I had a fraxel treatment 5 days ago..Mt now my...

I had a fraxel treatment 5 days ago..Mt now my skin looks more patchy & rough & also i can see more patches on my face which were not there before. Also i want to know Is it normal & will it get better.This is my 1st treatment.

I too have a patch on my face that i know was not there before. I had to nail the doc down before he would admit it was there but even then he just said 'Yep, it is a raised patch of skin alright" and that was it. He said the laser did not cause it but i know it did. Your word against the docs. That is what it will be in court too. (the pics before the procedure did not show any patch, and the after pics did not show the patch(i think it is more of a 3 dimentional thing with the raised portion being close in color and texture but in real life it can be picked up with the eye very well.) America is all about marketing and money, all you have to do is ask youself: Did my mother ever have laser treatments? was'nt what she had good enough for her all her life? and go from there to ask yourself the same thing.
What is the goverment agency that oversees medical devices in India... I am contacting all agencies responsible for approving this laser and sending them the negative outcomes we are having in the U.S... If it doesn't resolve you need to let them know... How is it advertised in India?? What did they tell you regarding possible side effects? In the meantime make sure you keep it very moist even if you break out... Keep us updated,,This site is very informative and people will advise you on things that have helped but follow up with your doc as well
Fraxel in india is common now though it is an expensive treatment but people are getting it done..I have no idea if it is worth it or not but but docs do say it over here that it does lightens
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