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I am 60 years old and had major damage from being...

I am 60 years old and had major damage from being in the sun all my life. Brown spots and wrinkles were a major problem.

I have had 4 Fraxel treatments, each being more aggressive than the one prior. I experienced a "textbook" recovery each time. In 4 months my brown spots are gone, wrinkles have been diminished, and my skin tone is great.

Dr. Kerry Evnin

The doctor has many years experience on a few thousand patients. He explained each step of what he was doing and how it would help me.

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It seems lighter at first but if you read the reviews many get hyperpig that never had it before.. Gamma Mu I would look into a peel not this not yet....Trust me see my pics... You think it's fine at first untill the MTZ's surface..
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I had a lot of sun damage as well. While it hasn't eliminated all of the hyperpigmentation, it has lightened the areas that have not been eliminated. My skin tone is more even now. We're all different and only your Dr. can tell you what will work for you. Good luck.
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I am 63 with a lot of skin damage lifeguard from 15 to 21 Baby oil no sun block do you think this will help with brown spots?
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Dusti, thanks for the answer! Two weeks after my second Fraxel, I noticed a few hyperpigmented spots around my lips. But it's now going on 4 weeks, and they seem to be fading.
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Hi Terry, My first Fraxel treatment was in February and my last just one week ago. I am very pleased with my results even as my skin is still healing. I have seen not only age spots disappear, but redness, red spider veins, and a small "cherry amelia" have all gone. I experience minor hyperpigmentation occasionally as my skin heals from the inside, which I expected, but it goes away. The nurse tells me I will see improvement for the next several months.
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Hi, nice to hear you were pleased with your results. Just curious -- you said your age spots disappeared "in four months" -- is that four months AFTER your last treatment was completed? Did you have to wait to see the final results? Did you have any hyperpigmentation problems from the Fraxel treatments? Thanks!
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