Things to Know Before Fraxel

First of all, fraxel cannot be judged after 1 or 2...

First of all, fraxel cannot be judged after 1 or 2 sessions, you must have the full course of 4-6, and even then it will take up to a year before the collagen has developed to make a judgement.

If you still have adult acne, then prior to fraxel I recommend getting the smoothbeam laser treatment first, which shrinks the sebaceous glands that cause acne. I would also get on prescription medication to eliminate as much acne as possible prior to your first treatment, then continue taking it with your doctors supervision.

I just completed a smoothbeam laser session, and my first of five fraxel treatments. In between I also did a chemical peel. Laser treatments work from underneath the skin, so doing something topical such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion can speed up overall healing and appearance.

So far I am pleased with my doctor and how the treatment plan is going.


{edited} My 2nd fraxel is July 1st, so I'll make another posting after that one.


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Hi Austin guy....can you provide me with the name of the doctor you visited...I'm in Austin as well and was looking around to see who the best option was. Thanks.
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Which fraxel treatment did u use? They r different. Also, after your 1 of 5 treatments, how could u recommend if u won't know until atleast a year? Many people, including myself, have had bad scars left on the face after 1 treatment, so it is risky and a new laser- no one really knows long term effects.
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Austin Dermatology Clinic

The staff were excellent and very patient in answering questions and making recommendations for the best treatment plan.

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