Small Bumps Left 2 Weeks After First Fraxel Treatment.

I had small acne scaring and some fine lines early...

i had small acne scaring and some fine lines early for my age (21) and i wanted them fixed i was promised an easy procedure with little im worried ive ruined the very texture of my face.

I had the fraxel restore laser done to my face over a week ago. I was only a little pink but that was all. I went through the shedding and everything but now my face still feels rough! the entire texture of my skin has changed?Almost like small bumps all over. will this go away? is it normal? I am supposed to get micro dermabrasion in between treatments but im nervous to continue.
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See if your provider will prescribe some Aquaphor. I also agree with the microdermabrasion.
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I think the little bumps can be very common. I have seen people's posts about this many times. So, I don't think I would be alarmed or worry yourself too much about it but I would definitely have your doctor look at it-there might be something he/she wants to you to apply or take for it.
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