Pore Size and Texture of Skin - Atlanta, GA

I have had multiple fraxel treatments(4), along...

I have had multiple fraxel treatments(4), along with 1 Erbium laser procedure and 1 demabrassion treatment over the course of 4 years.

Does this much treatment to the same area affect the pore size and texture of skin? I have large pores to begin with, along with other imperfections, however, I've noticed that the pore size seems ot be getting worse. Is there a direct corelation to having multiple treatments to one area or is this natural aging? I am in my 30's.

Would appreciate any feedback.


I suspect that multiple treatments do more harm than good, personally. I don't think a doctor would answer this question truthfully since it is their business to sell expensive procedures.
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I have never had the erbium or dermabrasion treatments, but I had a single Fraxel re:Pair treatment just over a year ago. Since then, my pores appear larger as well... especially on my nose and around my inner cheek (closest to the nose) area. Please let me know if you find out there is indeed some sort of correlation. (Not that it would necessarily change anything, of course... but it would be handy to know).
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