Post Fraxel Restore Results for Ice Pick Scars / Pigmentation

I just had my Fraxel Restore done 2 days ago and...

I just had my Fraxel Restore done 2 days ago and right now my face is filled with brown patches/spots and feels like rough gritty sand paper when I touch it. I was instructed to use a gentle cleanser twice a day along with Squalane afterwards (Should I use any other moisturizer along with Squalane?) My skin is really dry after a cleanse.

Pros: None yet - Still recovering from the swelling, redness and hyperpigmentation

Cons: Dry, brown skin / Excessive downtime

Reason for Fraxel: Ice pick scars / Reduce Pigmentation

My main question is, are the dark brown patches hyperpigmentation (I'm Asian)? If so, are they permanent? The reason for the Fraxel in the first place was to get rid of ice pick scars and pigmentation and now it seems my whole face is segmented into brown patches all over. This is my first Fraxel Restore laser treatment and I have 2 more to go with approx. 1 months break in between for rest periods. Should I worry?
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It has been four wks Profractional micro laser peel and bbl, my skin looks worse.Brown patches, red streaks and white hard cytics pimples.I have started using perscription 4 % HQ not as red and bad wrinkles under my eyes. Does anyoneknow how long and is this normal?
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After my first treatment and 2 month's wait, my face doesn't look like it has been treated at all (no results if any). I still have 2 treatments left. One is coming up this weekend. Should I tell the doctor to up the settings?
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I am having the same exact results and I am very depressed about it I paid 2,500. for three sessions, what should I do , everyone sees me aske me what happened to my fage it has dark patches all over. very angry. Bettysoo
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the energy setting may have been set too high (i'm not a doctor). I had fraxel done and the nurse told me she didn't want to go too high because then it would risk hyperpigmentation.
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I am a an Asian who has had 3 fraxel laser restore treatments for sun damamged skin, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin texture. The brown patches will fade out over time. The most important thing is whether your doctor knows what he/she is doing. I researched 3 doctors before I decided on one. She has been a dermatoglogist for over 20 years. She told me that being Asian, I have one of the most difficult skin types to treat. The fraxel needs to be at a very low setting, and the treatment needs to be 6 to 8 weeks apart. I have also been prescribed a lightening cream before and post treatments for preventing hyperpigmentation. I am very happy with the procedures and my doctor right now. My skin looks so much better.
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