Post-Fraxel Restore Healing for Acne Scars & Skin Texture - Los Angeles, CA

I did the treatment to diminish acne scars and...

I did the treatment to diminish acne scars and improve the texture of my skin. It didn't hurt and I didn't swell, but I seem to be having some issues with the healing process.

I had a Fraxel Restore treatment on July 2 of this year. As expected I broke out, but not expected, I remain pink with small points of whitehead acne and small cystic bumps that others on the site have described. I was told to use clindamycin in a sulfate base twice a day, which I've been doing for a week and has cut down the acne by about half. The red spots from the breakouts, however, still remain, along with a pinkness of the skin. My skin is now also quite dry around the mouth from the clindamycin.

I have fair skin with freckles (which are brown, not orange, and did not diminish at all). Here are the settings they used:
Energy: 40
Level: 7
Passes: 8
Estimated K: 4.4
Actual K 4.58
Treatment tip: 15 MM

Originally when I went back last week they told me I looked great, that my skin was neither pink nor breaking out and that everyone else was happy within three weeks. This, obviously gave me cause for concern, but I have seen here that other people are having similar problems. So, my questions are: how should I be treating the bumps and acne? How long is this to last? Is the remaining pink mask normal? And if so, how long should I reasonably expect it to last? Also, I don't know if I'm imagining things, but my pores actually seem to be larger. Is this possible?

I had 2 fraxel treatments age spots and am about to do a third. The results are amazing. My dark spots, and spider veins are gone and my wrinkles reduced by 50%. The healing process takes around 4 weeks going from swelling to white head breakout. Each day gets a litt better. My skin is beautiful and plan to do my arms and decollage later since it is around $3,500 for 3 treatments. It is so worth it.
What does the start stop time say on your procedure sheet?? You should get UV pics ect.... And do a session of micro derm with suction... The coagulated tissue needs to escape or your pores ect will stay larger and your skin will not heal together leaving it looking like acne scarring when the lower layers reach the surface....
Please see my post and pics and contact me you are having the same issues I had and they told me it was normal give it time..We had the same settings and laser
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I have not healed as "most people" apparently do, and was treated brusquely when seeking assisstance. They actually insinuated that what I was experiencing was unrelated to the treatment.

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