Fraxel Restore - No Results, Worried About Scarring

Pleas help me i don't know what i should do to my...

Pleas help me i don't know what i should do to my face. since 45 days i burn my face by acne cream when i used it on some acne and it's mack my skin burn and it's peel very much and it's take one week to heal. But it's this spot I ask my doctor about it he say i have infection and gave me a cream for (PERDERM) and he say it will disappear by time. But it's not change the brown and red color stay and aolmost 40 day i wary if it will be a scar.

I had my third FRXEL acne scars remove (10) day ago and the doctor didn't made this area. He say it's may stay infection. 10 days ago i am in very bad situation i don't know what i should do and i don't find any result from the last FRAXEL Restore treatment just red face and the treatment leave burn places that not heal yet and i scare of that will leave scar.

If i make TCA PEEL to this area it's will gone or what i have to do? And what about that places that not heal yet it will leave scar or no? I fell very diffidence PLEASE HELP ME.
This isn't Fraxel. It's a fractional treatment, but not fraxel. You can tell by the pattern.
What's the difference, can u explain?
My daughter got a scar on her face. She picked off a scab on her face and the resulting scar was bright red. I gave it some time, but the redness did not fade readily. I understand scars can fade over time, especially on kids; but since it was on her face, I did not want to take any chances. That it only might work was good enough for me. I've used the Dr. Max Powers Scar Serum regularly on her face for about a month and it is definitely faded, not so noticeable anymore. I also have a deep scar that is 35 years old right smack on the bridge of my nose. It's not fading any more than it has. I decided to try it on that and also a recent burn scar on my arm. The scar on my arm is looking better. It's still there but smooth and fading. The one on the bridge of my nose is deep. I think it looks better but it will be many months before I think I'll truly know. I'll be back to update at that time. For now, I think it does seem to help and really doesn't hurt new scar formation. I definitely recommend the Dr Max Powers Scar Serum if you have a scar on your face and are looking to fade it.
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I don't find any result from FRAXEL Restore laser. I scare of that will leave scar and my face very red and bad

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