Fraxel Treatment for Scars, Rosacea

I'm doing a series of three Fraxel treatments...

I'm doing a series of three Fraxel treatments for facial scars and rosacea (scars are deep, soft, sloping kind, not ice-pick).

The first treatment was performed using a lower setting (7/30, I think?) and the second at 8/40. Two weeks after the 1st treatment, I was surprised to see a dramatic improvement in my rosacea.

Pros: effective, minimal downtime compared to other procedures.

Cons: somewhat painful if treatment is aggressive, expensive, downtime means you will look terrible for several days.

Advice: be sure you are a good candidate (fair or light skin) and that you are comfortable with the clinic and your doctor.

My treatments are being performed by an RN with doctor supervision. The staff is extremely helpful, kind and courteous - the RN even gave me her home cell # in case I had any problems. Ask a LOT of questions. Be sure to ask for pain/anxiety medication for the procedure (I took 2 doses each of valium and percocet for the 2nd procedure). Aggressive treatment is painful, but tolerable (just ask for short breaks if you need them). I will post again after the 3rd treatment.


Hmm, well nearly everything I've read has specified that it works best on light/fair skin. No need to be snotty.
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You should know that you don't have to be light or fair skin to have Fraxel laser treatments. It is important to know what you are talking about when you're sharing info. Thanks
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Would you please let us know if you have done your second treatment? please update with some mose photos. Cheers. Tina
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Toledo Plastic Surgeon

Staff, doctor, and RN are kind, compassionate, patient, and willing to answer any questions. Always polite and concerned about comfort. Highly recommended!

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