Fraxel Does Not Work for Asian Skin

It was a series of 3 times which will cost less...

It was a series of 3 times which will cost less than individual treatment. I was advised to use a series of 3 to obtain the maximum result.

First time seems OK. Second time no improvement nor no worse. After 3rd time, the result was 5 times darker than the color on the neck and left a sunglass covermark on the face.

THe procedure was extremely painful. I would rather look old but no going through this treatment. Overall, it was costly and the result was disappointing.

I hope its not to late, but don't waste your money on fraxel. Its not worth it totally not worth it
I had a consult with Dr.Goldberg in NJ, he has offices in NJ, NY and FL, he told me I need 7 treatment of Fraxel Restore to correct acne scars which will cost me $14,000.. For the individuals that had fraxel restore would you consider this a reasonable price? Since I'm dark ton he claims the fraxel retore with led light will work for me. I need some feed back before I lay out this cash...
So that's it? No mention of the qualifications of the person doing the procedure? You've simplt determined it doesn't work for all us Asians huh? Sounds to me like you didn't do a whole heck of a lot of research before jumping into this.
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