Fraxel Caused a Scar

When I walked in I didnt have a scar and when I...

When I walked in I didnt have a scar and when I walked out I did.. I only wanted to have this procedure to have a more flawless and smooth appearance.

Should I get a lawyer?
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Because going into a beauty spa wanting to better your appearance and walking out worse is absolutely unbelievable.

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I was highly educated in the procedure.. And had been to the medical spa as a client for some time.. With the plastic surgeon only a few suites away. This was not some bargain basement type of place. I'm going to see their plastic surgeon Again since my scar has had some time to heal, and at this meeting most likely he will make an appt for derma-planing this is when they scrap the area to make it more flat/even. I hope this will fix the problem. If not then I will have to go another route. Doing anything with laser is a taking a chance.. And is it worth it? Some may say it won't happen to me and not worry but what if it does.. You will always look back and wish you could take that day back.
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Is it a medical beauty spa? Were the doctors experienced? Did you do a clear research of the place before you went in for the fraxel? I think these were the questions you should have asked before having done the procedures. I'm sorry this happened to you
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Have you found some kind of treatment help or help from a lawyer? thank you,
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