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Ijust had the treatment tonight. It was painful...

Ijust had the treatment tonight. It was painful but not as bad as laser hair removal in my opinion. The cool air hose gave me some control and seemed to help.

I did it for anti-aging-wrinkles, skin tightening and age spots. It is too soon to rate my satisfaction with this treatment but so far I am happy with my provider.

What is the best post treatment for Fraxel re-store? I have been told not to use any moisturizers, but this seems worng to me. They said they were worried about breakouts and wanted me to buy an expensive B-5 serum. Since I already have many expensive facial products I opted out. I would like to use emu oil. What do you think? Or have experienced?

I have had 4 more Fraxel treatments since I last...

I have had 4 more Fraxel treatments since I last posted. I still got breakouts with them, so I started taking an antibiotic that my provider proscribed 1 week before and 1 week after. I love the results! My skin looks smoother and rosy. I do it for the collagen building. It almost completely took away a broken blood vessel spot on my face that I had had for 18 years. Plus, my pores are smaller on and around my nose.

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it's been over a year since you have had Fraxel done, so now what do you think about it? is it still good. I saw online people have experienced fat loss, pigmentation regain. I'm thinking about Fraxel to reduce my acne scar apperance, but also am very cautious about those side affects it may occur. I worked out that it looks really good in the beginning, but i'm more concerned about long term affect. thank you very much and your opinion is much appreciated.
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I still love Fraxel. It was the most expensive thing I had done and the best. I do love Botox, but it doesn't last long. Besides the 4 original treatments, I've done 1 and am about to do another. They recommend once a year to keep up the results.
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Live in the same town, but drove to Phoenix for 1st consult... Still looking so didn't feel that comfortable about plunking down nearly $2000 for Fractal yet. Can't wait to hear how it went close to home. Would like more Tucson/Phoenix opinions quick! :-)
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Looking forward to seeing the other suggestions from RealSelfers as well.

Best of luck with your healing!

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