Hyperpigmentation After Fractional CO2 Laser Peel for Acne Scars

Treatment of PIH after fractional CO2 laser peel....

Treatment of PIH after fractional CO2 laser peel. I am Chinese and have done fractional CO2 laser for three times. Some improvements on my acne scar in the first two times with about 1 weeks downtime after treatment. However, I have serious hyperpigmnetation after the third CO2 laser peel. The laser in the third treatment is stronger.

It has been four weeks over with application of Hydroquinone in the last week, but the pigment in my skin is still about the same. One doctor suggests me to do TCA chemcial peel and the other suggests me to do Intense Pulsed Light in few weeks.

What should I do or do you have other suggestion which is safer and faster??? TCA, IPL or other treatments for serious PIH after fractional CO2 laster???

Hello both of you. Well, I am not quite certain what "dermal and Epidermal" pigmentation means, or why your physicians are not treating you both, but let me suggest a few things. 1. Sunscreen at all times. 2. NO MORE fraxel treatments, and hyperpigmentation is akin to an overreaction by the body to heal itself. 3. Try Cosmelan by Mesoestetic. I have recommended this product a zillion times for hyperpigmentation problems of all origins, simply because it works. I get no endorsement dollars, I promise! :) The product costs about $700-1000 but it actually does work well. I am an aesthetic nurse, and certified laser safety officer for the state of AZ, so believe me I feel as though I have seen it all. Also try a 4% hydroquinone cream (rx only)and 70 spf sunscreen.
Hi I am in the same boat! What did you decide to do... I am 10 months post fraxel co2 laser and still have PIH. I recently saw a very experienced laser dermatologist(over 20 years exp) who told me that PIH is very difficult to treat as it usually a combination of epidermal/dermal pigmentation. I do not want to alarm you but he told me to do nothing as time is the only thing that will help PIH. Do not do any further treatments as it will only worsen your condition. Patience is all you need.
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Serious PIH

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