2nd Liposuction - Lump That Will Not Go Away After 4 Months..

The surgery was my second... unlike the first...

The surgery was my second... unlike the first there was major disconfort immediately following surgery (same area where the lump is currently present). The doctor said it was just because it was the area that was worked the most... this pain was a burn like fealing which is what I think really happened. The pain was gone later in the afternoon and I've not had any pain since.

I had a second liposuction about 4 months ago... Over this period I've developed a lump which appears to be a combination of liquid and the skin not adhearing properly (possibly because of the liquid). I've been getting ultrasound therapy which was reducing some of the swelling... over the weekend while working around the house the area swelled again almost as if the liquid around the abdomen went to that specific location. I'm becoming a bit concerned... does this liquid need to be extracted (if it is liquid) or do I just need to wear the conpression garment so the skin can adhere properly? How long should the ultrasound continue? What will provide best results (daily or everyother day?) and for how long should I continue the treatment. What else can I be doing to make it better. Thank you
I had very large lumps sorta all over... They hurt like hell but eventually went away. My dr stuck a needle in one to make sure he didnt need to drain any fluid. They go away.
If it feels like a bag of water you need a sonogram, if there is fluid accumolation it should be drained under ultrasound guidance by placing a drain. and must wear the compression garment. stop excecise.Your doctor will examine you and advise you. Hope he/she is a BOARD CERTIFIED PS
I booked for a touch up next week after my 9 months surgery. How was yours done? local or general anesthesic? Was it worth to try? I had developed uneven spaces because of seroma after the 1st surgery? Thanks
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Listened to what I wanted -- made some positive suggestions and combined both for a positive outcome.

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