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Concerned with Smart Lipo Results on Lower Abdomen

I had smart lipo done mainly on my lower abdomen 6...

I had smart lipo done mainly on my lower abdomen 6.5 weeks ago...the doctor said 500cc's were taken out (I'm 5'8 150lbs).

The garment was really itchy for the first few weeks but eventually went away. Main concern here is that I still look the same almost 7 weeks after the surgery.


Updated Nov 17, 2009

7 weeks ago, I had smart lipo done mainly on my lower abdomen. I wore the compression garment two weeks straight and my abs looked great...my stomach was very flat. I then noticed that after I remove the garment, my stomach tends to look a little "poofy" and not as flat. I was wearing the garment at night so when I woke up in the morning, my stomach looked flat and nice but a few hours later, it would go back to looking how it did before. I met with my doctor yesterday and he said it is the result of swelling and that eventually, my stomach will look like it does with or without the garment but my concern is only 500 cc's were taken out and I don't even look/feel swollen...has anyone else had this same issue? I'm just afraid that I will only be satisfied with my stomach after I wear the garment.

After I took off the garment wearing it for 2 weeks straight, my lower abdomen looked great, completely flat but at the 6.5 week mark, my lower abdomen looks the same as it did before...I have noticed that when I wake up in the morning and take off the garment (I wear it only at night now) my stomach looks very flat but after a few hours, it goes back to looking poofy...not sure why that is?? I'm not bruised and I don't think I am swollen anymore but am very concerned that this may be the final result...any suggestions would be great..
I had upper/lower abs and love handles done on 11/14/09 and even though I am only a little over 2 weeks post op, I noticed this past week that I was pretty flat in the mornings but was really swelling up in the daytime. I phoned my doctor and they called in 5 days worth of Lasix and it really worked. I had to pee 11 times the first two hours after I took it, but I noticed a huge decrease in swelling. I am now done with the Lasix as of yesterday and today I didn't notice much extra swelling, but I know my doctor also said that swelling can continue for a while. My doctor said I should expect final results in 3 months however. He takes final pics at the 3 month point, but it seems a lot of doctors have different guidelines they follow. I hope you are feeling better about the swelling. I'm very impatient, so this is going to be a trying ordeal for me I'm sure. lol.
You know what this is the same problem I am having with my upper abdomen. It has been 2 months for me and I cant help but feeling kinda worried because I see that most of the people after their surgery they are really flat. I hope somebody answers your question soon and sorry I couldnt be more help. :)
I'm at five weeks post op and am still very swollen. Most Dr.'s say that swelling can last for up to six months, I also noticed my Dr. doesn't take his final comparison pics until month six, so that means that most of his clients don't look their best until sometime around that mark. Don’t pass final judgment until you give yourself time. I figure it took me fifteen years to let myself get soft so I shouldn’t expect perfection one month after surgery.
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