Open Dermis Fat Graft to Lower Eyelid

No pros at the moment. Had an upper/lower...

No pros at the moment. Had an upper/lower blepharoplasty 18 months ago which resulted in a hollowing of the left eye. Upper eyelids are ok.

3 weeks ago I had an open dermal fat graft to my...

3 weeks ago I had an open dermal fat graft to my lower left eyelid but still have a hard yellow lump and surrounding red scar tissue where the fat was transplanted. Is this normal? Will this lump soften and blend in, and will the redness sounding it fade,if so, how long will it take? If not, is there anything that can be done to correct it or speed up the healing process?
You didn't say who your doctor was. Could you provide this info please. Hope your final results are what you wanted. Did it work out ok?
Although the fat graft has softened it is still noticeable and I have the added 'bonus' of a cyst sized lump which is causing a 'v' shaped indent under my eye. Saw my surgeon yesterday and told to wait another 3 months. Enquired about filler being used to even everything out in the meantime, but said no as may interfere with the healing process.
Dear Sam38, I have been researching doctors for a couple of months now. I am fearful of having something go wrong when it concerns anything around my eyes or on my face. I finally found a doctor that I have not seen any negative patient comments about or negative ratings for on any of the several sites I checked. I have not seen this doctor but called to get a consultation. It is a month and a half wait to get into this doctor. He has completed a substantial amount of additional schooling and training in a variety of areas but predominately I believe he is a specialist on the area around the eyes. His name is Jonathan Hoenig from Beverly Hills, California. Please don't take my word for it - research him yourself but maybe he could help you. I saw several blogs from people for whom he did corrections for others doctors work including dealing with scaring. He also does what looked to be very complicated reconstruction after cancer of the face. (don't recall his web site but just google him to find it). I have heard that some doctors pay people to put up phony testimonials and positive blogs etc..... so take everything you see on the internet with a grain of salt. Their creditials - even if they are exceptional may still not be a guarantee but it is a good place to start. Hope this helps - may be worth a trip just to get a consultation from someone other than the doctor that you feel botched the job. Regards, Lucille
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