Greatly Disappointed in Lower Eyelid Surgery with Fat Transfer/grafting

Prior to blepharoplasty/fat transfer surgery, I...

Prior to blepharoplasty/fat transfer surgery, I was told my down time would be about 3-4 days for the bruising and a couple more days for the swelling. 3 weeks later, I am still bruised, swollen and have an unsightly lump under my right eye. I feel the surgeon was not honest in the severity and complications of the procedure, and now I have lost confidence in him & don't know if I should be massaging this lump as instructed. Please advise if possible.

I had lower eyelid surgery 3 weeks ago with fat transfer/grafting. I have a lump the size of a pea/small bean under my right eye that my plastic surgeon referred to as fat relocation. I was told to massage the area, & it would resolve with time. Does this make sense or should I seek another opinion?
please let us know the doctor's name.
Hello, I think everyone is different in there acceptance of fat grafting. I had fat grafting for volume in my upper lids to help with a botched eye lid surgery. The surgeon only placed a small amount of fat in an area that is usually focused when fat is removed. It also had a lumping, which I was told massaging would help. It did. I've read where the face massagers you can buy at Walmart, helps with this problem as well. I just used my fingers. It did over time dissipate, along with much of the other fat. It absorbs into your system over time. As far as your bruising. A long needle is used for grafting and the bruising is from that injection, swelling as well. However, to have this as long as you have. I would be concerned over other causes. Infection is common with fat grafting in some cases. My eyes looked better after 2 weeks. There are other factors like sensitivity, and your own personal healing time for such procedures. When a surgeon states a time frame it is based on general down time, but we are all different. I know how you feel in the loss of confidence. I too lost confidence in my Plastic Surgeon, but my issues were more than bruising and swelling. Go back to him as many times as you can. Insist something is wrong from what you have read up on this procedure. The queeky wheel gets the oil. Trust me if he thinks he has done something wrong, you'll get your money back, sign a release and quietly be asked to leave. They do not want unhappy patients in the waiting room, sitting with other prospective costumers. I'd hold this surgeon accountable, and he may be right in what he is telling you. You know your body better than anyone, so if you think something isn't right, go with your gut. Good luck
That's crazy that he told you the downtime would only be 3-6 days. Your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body and can take a notoriously long time to heal. You're still within the very normal time frame of healing. I've heard of it taking months before swelling subsides 100%.
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Minimized the down time and the outcome so far is most unsatisfactory. I have lost confidence now in following his recommendations.

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