Fat Transfer Under Eyes - Daughter Getting Married Want to Look my Old Self

I had a fat transfer under my eyes over a year ago...

I had a fat transfer under my eyes over a year ago. The PS over filled this area and now I am left with bumps under my eyes. He has tried moving the fat, liposuction and how three days ago I had a hyaluronidaise injection.

How long does it take for this injection to work and does this injection work on your own fat? If not what should I be requesting this PS to do. I am tried of looking this way.


To prevent problems, a skilled ps would never use needles, too risky, using the CANNULA TECHNIQUE in the hands of a well skilled ps is safest.
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Hi. My MD said that it is difficult to get smooth results with fat tranfers under the eyes. He said that if it doesn't turn out smooth then he uses other fillers to get a smooth look. I'm not the type to get filler injections every 3 months so I decided not to get the fat transfer to my eyes. Also, he said there is a risk of blindness when injecting fillers around the eyes.
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I have had 2 injections under my eyes and the lumps are going down. Hopefully, when I receive the next one I will look myself.
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