Fat Injection in Nose to Create a Full Tip

Due to having a previous bad rhinoplasty, I wanted...

Due to having a previous bad rhinoplasty, I wanted to have a full tip again and less defention of my nostrils. So I had it done along with a few other small areas of concern on my face, but I see no changes in the nose.

I just had fat injections into my nose and a few other areas on my face but I see no difference in the nose.. Is it possible fat can be injected into the tip and nostrils? I'm hoping it didn't go overlooked.


fat can only be injected where other fat resides. It doesn't reside in the tip.
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Not true...I had fat transfer to nose tip 11 months ago and the tip looks fat and bulbos and not what I was told it would do (lift tip a little bit). It looks horrible and I had been hoping with time the fat would melt away but it has not. I had a pretty tip, it just started to turn down a little bit with age and (I didn't even ask for the fat in the tip) but doctor threw it in with fat injections to face. Don't do it!
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I don't see a difference.

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