Facial Fat Transfer, Month PO: Swelling and Retention

A month ago I had fat transferred from the...

A month ago I had fat transferred from the buttocks to the submalar, buccal area and jawline with a surgeon in NY. I feel my face is still too heavy and ways my features down. The fat was transferred to the submalar area, the buccal area and the jawline. It was the first time fat was injected to the lower face, however I had fat injected to the malar area prior to this fat transfer and it retained very well, moreover my surgeon has a good track record for fat injections.

Pros: painfree, (in my case) permanent 'filler'

Cons: enormous swelling, unpredictable retention rate. The swelling was enough reason for me to decide not to undergo a fat transfer ever again. The unpredictable retention rate however, is much more of a concern.

I was wondering if the volume will still go down over the next month(s) and, if not, if losing weight would help to lose some volume. Thank you for your input.
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Has anyonr had water jet lipo and fat transfers at Avanti in Fresno?
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You didn't say who your Doctor was. I am considering same with NY doctor. Could you email me who your doctor was and if your final results are what you want? Thank you. send to: JoaneSandberg@aol.com
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Hows it going now? I am intersted in fat transfer in the buccal area, is it taking in this area, in an even way?
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Hi Marian, You are welcome. Best to be patient. Dr. P
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Hi Marian, We usually judge our fat transfer procedures after 5 to 6 months. It is thought that the fat that survives after that time period is living, permanent tissue. Patients usually continue to lose some of the fat implants during the 1 to 5 months period that you are currently in. When we lose weight, we also lose volume in the face. Good luck and be well. Dr. P
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Thank you very much Dr. Persky for taking the time to answer my question: your answer is very helpful. I guess I should not get too worried at this stage and should just wait a couple of months. Thanks again.
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