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My Face is a Mess - Doctor Might Need to Redo

I had a facelift 10 weeks ago and I have developed...

I had a facelift 10 weeks ago and I have developed a 20cent round hematoma under one cheek and a long thinner one on the other cheek. Both sides of my face are totally different in shape one side pulled up more than the other.

My doctor wants to inject Kenacort A40 into Hematomas but this product has been unavailable from the manufacturer since last year. This also worries me as I feel that if he had used this product he would know that information.

Please help I feel as if I am getting no where and keep getting told to just massage them which only hurts even more. I can only lye on my back as my face still hurts if I lye on my sides at night.

Has anybody ever had good results after experiencing the same situation with Kenacort A40 into Hematomas.
I hope by now your sensation will have normalized.I had SMAS face/necklift,upper bleph, cheekfat graft and chin implant 14 months ago. Both jaws, ears and sides of face/eyes are numb and hypersentive to touch, especially at the scars behind my ears. To tolerate lying on my side to sleep, I use a Microwaveable Flax Seed Pillow shaped like a crescent, placed at my head above my ear. Heat sources,i.e. hot tub, sauna, Microwaved Pillow are very comforting. I hope my sensation will normalize.
I'm so sorry that you are suffering. I had problems with a macs f/l and needed a revision., (not that it worked)After my revision i have a lump in my cheek and am having an ultra sound on Monday to see what it is. I havent heard of Kenacort so I can't help there but as far as sleeping on your side, it was 8 months before I could sleep on my side and it still wasn't 100%.but is getting better. Hope this helps
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He doesn't seem to know what to do and feels surgery to even both sides of my face may be necessary. That is what I paid him for the first time and what assurance have I that the same thing will not happen again.

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