Mid-face Lift for Nasolabial Folds

I have had cheek implants for 4 years and I have...

I have had cheek implants for 4 years and I have been happy with these. My eyes looked very hollow though and a fat transfer was performed 25 days ago to remedy this. I also had a mid-face lift at the same time.

I can already see that the naso-labial folds have diminished. The big worry for me is though that my cheeks are now massive. It should be swelling but I am concerned if the end result will be natural.

I'm beginning to doubt if the result will be natural/normal. My Surgeon has said that the result will be normal but I would really appreciate some other input. Can I expect to look natural in 6-8 weeks?


Hello You have to wait till all the swelling is gone. In your case there are multiple variables, implants, fat transfer, midface lift. Swelling may stay six to tweve weeks.be patient, and make sure your plastic surgeon is BOARD CERTIFIED PS
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I had blephs done years ago and had swelling for 3 months. It improved as time went on during the 3 month period, but it took that long to go away.
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I still have my bags also. I can not have under eye surgery because I have dry eyes. I have tried every home remedy. I think if I could sleep on my back all night it would help: however this is not so easy if you want agood night sleep.
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