Lifestyle Lift Disappointment - Wanted to Give Myself a "Lift"

Am about to retire from public education. Have...

Am about to retire from public education. Have been part-time in entertainment for several years. Wanted to give myself a "lift."

The procedure was scary -- I was awake and being reprimanded for making "noises" during it. After I had the wrap removed (5 days) I began leaking saliva from behind the left ear from an opening, an actual visible opening behind my ear. It happened mostly when I ate, but for several weeks it was constant. I ate with a towel wrapped around my neck and put tissues or cotton balls behind my ears when not eating(changing every 20-30 minutes) at other times. This wonderful experience lasted 5 weeks. It was God-awful. I could not eat in public, and dreaded going out. The doctor had absolutely no idea how long it would take for this opening to close. He told me he'd had two other experiences like this. One took a week and one took 4 weeks. Well, mine took 5 weeks and it was God-awful.

I have a flabby flap under the left portion of my chin, and my left side is more swollen, and flabby. Of course at the 8 week post-op picture taking session he offered to "fix it" but I told him he would never touch me again. If I were a plastic surgeon, I definitely would NOT admit to being the surgeon on those post-op pictures. There are still swinkles and jowl lines, which were supposed to be lifted/removed. Enough said.

Yes, I definitely DO look better than I looked before, but I definitely did NOT get the desired look I was promised or I wanted.

Dr. Catalfumo

He is all sugar an spice pre-op, but during surgery he's not very nice and he doesn't do what's he's promised to do. Oh, he'd be happy to "fix it" but .. no thanks. I'm done.

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I am so sorry for those of you with bad outcomes. I am on the other hand very glad that there are sites to review doctors nowadays and that posting reviews is becoming more popular among patients. Doctors need to be accountable for their work, and having review sites like realself, vitals, etc is making that happen and helping patients make truly informed decisions. I do really want a facelift, as I always had a pretty face until recent years when everything just dropped from the top half to the bottom half of my face. I have lost so much confidence and joy. I truly want a facelift but I am not sure I can risk the possibilities of deformities and/or nerve damage.
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I let the Doctor do this to my face three times in less than a year. Three months after the 1st surgery a stitch came loose he says, no problem 20 minutes and I can repair it, got me in the dreaded chair again, gave me a few pilla and did the whole surgery Again.. Remember this was 3 months after the 1st procedure. He got a little carried away and pulled my skin too tight and a few days later my skin peeled right off the side of my face. terrible pain and looked realy bad. Again I go back, he says No problem wait about six months to heal and I can fix that.. Needless to say I trusted this Doctor and I went back for my third procedure I thought to fix the horrible scar on my face. Well, he did the full procedure Yet again and the scar's still there. My ear is cold and knumb constantly in pain. I've called, I've emailed and can't get a response from anyone including the home office. I tried to hire an attorney but they won't take the case because the Good Doctor Doctored my files to make it appear as though the reason I didnt heel was due to the fact that I smoke. In the beginning of all this I'd told him no plastic surgeon would touch my face to do a parcial facelift because of the sun damage and smoking. His response "No Problem, this is not a face life and as long as you quit smoking 10 days prior to the procedure you'll be fine". I did exactly as he asked and it was never brought up again until the attorney requested my files, sent them to me only for me to see they had added a lot of comments about my smoking (lies) knowing I would be stopped from filing a law suit. Lifestyle Lift has this down to an art. Your treated like royalty the first time you go and once you get the procedure your treated like a heard of cattle in a back room to remove the stitches and check your incisions. It's all about how many procedures they can do and getting the money up front. Very upset and disappointed with this so called life changing experience. It's changed my life big time and there's absolutely nothing I can do. I'd like to hear from people especially in the Orlando, Florida area who have had a bad experience in hopes I can at the very least make them pay to get this scar fixed.
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I am so glad I read your site and cancelled my appointment. My 3 friends did to. we are grateful for you ladies taking time to warn others
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Hi and welcome to realself. I am sorry that you have had to endure what many of us have. Please contact me if you would like more information on what we are doing as a group. You will find that many of us have had similar experiences but we are all here to support each other and hopefully through the grace of God, live through this experience. Best, Chrystal Eckes.
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I hope you take a moment to read my short version of my experience with LifeStyleLift. I'm willing to do anything it takes to make this company pay for what happened to me. Please let me know what you need, I have all the materials where I tried to hire a attorney who turned the case down because the good Doctor lied on my files and said I was a heavy smoker which was the reason I didnt heal properly. Right now I have the news media working on this case trying to find other people who experienced this nightmare. I want some satisfaction some way....
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I also have had a bad experience with the LifeStyle Lift. Very similar stories to the rest of you. I went in on Monday told them I was 'healthy', never checked my med. records. Set appointment for Wednesday. Went in on Wed. and was brought into room and given pain med cocktail. Doctor comes n five minutes later and says to come on. I told him I just took the medication and needed to wait. I told him I have a big fear of needles and he replied 'Honey you knew you were gonna have needles coming here today, come on!' So I went and they put me in the chair and put this vibrating thing on my chin and proceded to put about 25-30 needles all over my head. I was crying and then I finally passed out for a bit. When I came to I could feel them cutting me, putting the lipo suction thing in my neck and I passed out crying again. When done like 3 hours later went home with 2 pain meds. I did not get to fill the prescription for the pan meds wo I had antibiotics and tylenol to get me thru. did not do quite what I needed so I was in a great deal of pan for 3-4 days until started healing. About 3 weeks after I started going out but I still looked like a football head. I saw my friends kids and they told her I looked 'different, weird'. So now fast forward 3 years...still have lumps behind my ears, have a scar under my chin that you can see where it was pulled together in the middle ( like a stretched out letter'W') and my right side is hanging again like it did previously.
the real kicker to the story is that I called to the office when I noticed how different each side looked and called the office. I did go up and see a different doctor because the doctor that did my surgery is no longer allowed to perform the surgery only allowed to do follow ups. WHY??? So the new doctor told me he felt it looked fine and if I wanted any other work done I would have to pay for it....orignal price $5600. Also asked 'do you really want to go thru this again?!"

I am just wondering has any one ever sued a doctor for this and won??

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I remember that after I was taken into the "relaxation room: and given several Valium, they brought in a whole clipboard with papers for me to initial and sign. I have no idea what i signed but I'm sure I completely signed away my rights to sue or pursue. I'm permanently scarred as well, behind one ear, and they sewed my both ears all the way down which makes it difficult for some earrings to sit properly. Have a little pouch under one side of my chin as well. Yehaa!! Yet they still continue to advertise and perform and get away with all this. Someone should lock them all up.
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