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Face Lift Complications - Creasing and Folds in Cheek, Jaw and Under Chin

Overall face looks good except for the creasing...

Overall face looks good except for the creasing and folds in my cheek, jaw, neck and under chin when I smile. This facelift was supposed to be a new start but I'm still feeling self-conscious of my appearance.

I am 4 months post op from face and neck lift. When I smile or turn my head I get strange vertical and horizontal folding and creasing in left cheek, jaw, neck and under my chin. My right side looks perfect. PS said he has never seen this and not sure what it is. Is it possibly scar tissue or was the area not undermined properly? What can be done to correct it and how long should I wait? PS recommended undermining left side and under chin again. If this is scar tissue I'm concerned that it will happen again if this is the way my body heals, and perhaps look worse. Any advice or insight would be deeply appreciated.
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It is just so strange that a supposedly highly qualified surgeon carries out 100's of cosmetic surgery each year,yet they fail to know what a problem could be if there are complications afterwards. I am really sooo fed up with these greedy parasites!
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I'm no plastic surgeon, but doesn't it look like extra skin? I would think that it would have been tightened and removed during the face lift and neck lift. Did he also do liposuction? Your face does not look like it would've needed lipo as it looks slender to begin with. Good luck and keep us posted on your recovery. If it doesn't improve, I would recommend you posting his name so others can avoid this happening to them too.
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Hi who was your PS? thanks
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