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9 Months Later and Still Hurts and Looks Funny

I had a face lift 9 months ago and my cheeks are...

I had a face lift 9 months ago and my cheeks are still swollen, hard, tingling, numb and at time they hurt. Also the scars behind my ears still hurt and are red and still quite large. My doctor says it takes a year for it all to heal, but I am afraid there is something more. All I want is my smile to be back with out looking like a chipmunk.

The pros are my neck line does look better even though there is one ropey area, but that does seem to be getting better.

The cons are the cost for the pain, I still hurt, smile like a chipmunk, still numb and have tingling censations at time.

Need advice


I live on Maui..who did your work????
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after my facelift 37 days ago,I couldn't lift my right eyebrow anymore. It hurts to touch my eyebrow. It feels like the sight in my right eye is compromised. The doctor gave me botox on the left side to make it even. It looks funny and lopsided now. The right side of my lower lip is lower than the right side. There is still a lump under my right jaw. My face is still swollen and very tight and hurts to the touch. The swelling over my ears causes some hearing problems. I had fat injected in my face. The skin over my cheekbones looks chipmunky. My neck is not as nice as I expected. I think more could have been taken away. Sighhhhhhh!
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after 2 months i still have alot of painful sensitivity behind my ears where the sutres are and now i feel little bumps...also still numb on the jawline and my neck, although no longer turkey is discolored and feels a pulling and strange sensation to the touch
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