Thickening/scarring After Lower Blepharoplasty

I had hooded upper eyelids and bags and bilges...

I had hooded upper eyelids and bags and bilges under my eyes. I do you younger and more refreshed.

However, under both eyes, but more so on the right, there is an almost tubular thickening from the inner third along to two thirds of the lower eye , above where the bags were, but below the external incision scars (which are not too noticeable). What should be done to alleviate this thickening? Will they lessen over time? The surgery was performed one year ago.

What can be done about thickening/scarring of the lower eylid below the incision? I had upper and lower blepharoplasty a year ago, and both eyes have an almost tubular thickening below the incisions - one eye is worse than the other. Will tis disappear over time or another revisional procedure required?


The thickening is below the incision scars on the lower eyelids. They look like half-moon shaped "lumps" under each lower incision - perhaps a faulty fat transposition ? I should call the dr. and ask precisely what he did - i just know that I had a lower bleph with external incisions.
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Massage would be the first and least invasive thing to do. After one year the scar should have soften. A clinical exam will help to get more clues to the reason for your scarring.Best,
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How do I message? Could the half-moon areas be the result of the way the fat was repositioned/trimmed rather than scarring? Is so, can this be repaired without damage?
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